Anne BoleynThis web site contains information that I have collected over the years about my Boleyn family in an effort to find out if we are related to the famous Anne Boleyn.  I believe that we could be related to Anne Boleyn’s Great, Great Grandfather Jeffrey Boleyn who was buried around 1440 at Salle Church.  He was married to Alice Bracton.

Jeffrey’s brother was William, born around 1336 who was married to Elen.  They had a son called William (born around 1405) and he also had a son called William (born around 1431) who also had a son called William – these Boleyns are known as the Lincolnshire Boleyns as they moved from Salle in Norfolk to Lincolnshire.

It is interesting that I have got back to around 1750 with my family tree to William married to Maria who had 3 sons, William, James and Joseph who were all born in Lincolnshire.


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